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Long Term Care

For some seniors, even with rehabilitation services, going home or moving to a lesser level of care is not an option.  Hazel I. Findlay Country Manor also offers intermediate care services for the elderly who are in need of 24-hour care.  These types of services are required to maintain an individual’s activities of daily living by providing personal care, supervision, therapies and a safe environment.

Hazel I. Findlay Country Manor employs registered and licensed practical nurses who provide 24 hour nursing care for our residents who require assistance less than hospitalization.  They are assisted by state certified resident care aides and consultant therapists who are under the direction of the resident’s physician.

The Intermediate/Basic care services at Hazel I. Findlay Country Manor are designed for residents who are in need of 24-hour care and ancillary services to assist them in maintaining and/or regaining their optimal level of functioning for the remainder of their life.  With the services provided by the Interdisciplinary (ID) team, (which includes; Nursing, Dietary, Social Services and Activities) our residents are afforded the opportunity to live with specialized care services that promote their well being with dignity and respect.

For more information regarding intermediate care services at Hazel I. Findlay Country Manor, please contact (989) 224-8936.

Covid-19 Update

Last Updated: 9/17/20

Current Positive Cases:

Residents: 0

Staff: 5

Resolved Cases:

Residents: 2

Staff: 8

​Total Cases: 15

Long Term and Intermediate Care Services