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Long Term and Intermediate Care Services

Continuing care close to HOME

What to Bring

  • 7 pairs of pants or slacks
  • 7 tops or blouses
  • 7 pairs of pajamas
  • Comfortable, non-slip footwear
  • 7 pairs of socks (non-slip preferred)
  • 10 changes of undergarments
  • 1 bathrobe
  • Winter-coat and/or light jacket
  • Hearing aids (if applicable)
  • Glasses (if applicable)
  • Chargers/stands for electronic items
  • Electric razor

Please make sure all clothing items are able to be machine washed and dried.

Labels should be placed on clothing or marked with residents name.

Personal Items: All toiletry and incontinence products are provided.

Adaptive Equipment: Wheelchairs, walkers, canes and other adaptive equipment are available for use. Bringing personal adaptive equipment is not recommended.

Prohibited items: If you are unsure if a specific item is permitted, please contact our Maintenance Manager. These are just a few that are not permitted:

  • Any item that contains an open flame or expels heat (candles, warmers, personal heaters etc.)
  • Extension cords, power cords
  • Personal air fresheners or aerosol sprays
  • Humidifiers or diffusers

Most importantly, we want to make sure that you are comfortable while staying at our facility. Personal items such as pictures or mementos are welcome.