Covid-19 Update

Last Updated: 9/17/20

Current Positive Cases:

Residents: 0

Staff: 5

Resolved Cases:

Residents: 2

Staff: 8

​Total Cases: 15

Long Term and Intermediate Care Services

Continuing care close to HOME

Hospice Program

HIFCM has contracts with several Hospice agencies in the surrounding area.  Admission to the Hospice program is dependent on the resident and his/her loved one's needs as well as their expressed request for this type of care. 

The Hospice program emphasizes a highly personalized approach to care.  Pain and symptom control, and the appropriate type of care are individually designed for each person.  Emotional and spiritual issues regarding terminal illness are cared for as well.

Hospice emphasizes Caring rather than Curing, which allows residents and their families to say good-bye and to come to terms with impending loss.

This program cares for the needs of residents and their loved ones.  Advances in medicine ensure that residents can be free from the pain that accompanies every stage of the disease process.

Historically, many people have thought that Hospice only serves cancer patients; however, it is available to serve individuals with any terminal diagnosis who are in the end stages of life.

Hospice services are billed to Medicaid and Medicare for those residents that are eligible and private pay residents are billled directly.

Respite Care:  A Short-Term Care Program

This program was created for families out in the community who have the daily responsibility for direct care or supervision of an older person who is physically frail or has dementia.  HIFCM's Respite Care Program offers the opportunity for time off for personal business, health care needs or simply rest and relaxation for their caregivers.

Short-term admissions vary.  Your peace of mind is important to HIFCM while you are ensured that your loved one receives the proper nursing and supervisory care that he/she deserves.

For more information regarding HIFCM's respite care program, please call our Admission's coordinator at (989) 224-8936.

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